Quarkslab’s Security Audit for Estrela

2 min readMay 7, 2024


We are thrilled to continue our collaboration with the Quarkslab team on our upcoming project, Estrela!

Introducing Estrela

Estrela is a decentralized platform for efficient low-slippage stablecoin swaps, which is the next major step in our collaboration with the Stellar ecosystem!

With Estrela, liquidity providers will be able to deposit liquidity to the pools, earning fees from swap operations and facilitating the swap for the Stellar community.

It also allows us to build upon our Allbridge Classic experience and bring additional cross-chain liquidity into Stellar from a number of supported chains.

Quarkslab audit

Following our previous successful work with Quarkslab team we reached out to them to arrange a security review for Estrela. Their expertise in Soroban was invaluable to assure the security of our Estrela’s stable swaps and pool contracts.

Estrela roadmap

At the moment, we aim to polish the web experience on Estrela and, once completed, bring it to the Stellar community. Be on the lookout for more Estrela announcements coming soon.

For now, you can visit our landing page to get more details about the security assessment.

About Quarkslab

Founded 10 years ago, Quarkslab is a dedicated team of cyber-security engineers and developers.

They aim at forcing the attackers, not the defender, to adapt constantly. Through QLab‘s consulting expertise and R&D, and their software QFlow and QShield, they share and scale their knowledge by making it accessible to everyone. They believe that security is everyone’s concern as there is no freedom if there is no security.

Their expertise combines offensive and defensive security in application protection and helps organisations to adopt a new security posture.

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About Allbridge Core

Allbridge Core enables the transfer of value between blockchains by offering cross-chain swaps of native stablecoins. Being messaging protocol agnostic, Allbridge Core connects a variety of EVM and non-EVM networks.

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