Launching Allbridge IDO At Boca Chica

4 min readSep 15, 2021


Allbridge is launching its token ABR on September 21 with the help of our partners at Boca Chica — a Solana-based launchpad. With their assistance, we will finally be able to bring to our community the highly anticipated IDO.

We are very thankful for so many of you who displayed their interest in seeing the ABR launched as soon as possible. Now, you have to wait no further! Let us do a small throwback to all of your requests, asking for an IDO to come out. Maybe you will even see your name in one of these comments.

Allbridge makes cross-chain access very affordable since our fees are very low. With the help of a clear and intuitive interface, our users are able to quickly send transfers in a matter of few clicks. What makes Allbridge so unique is the fact that it allows others to connect blockchains and tokens to our bridge by the means of staking our token. With the rollout of validators, on-chain consensus will be introduced, making the transaction verification quick and transparent.

Allbridge has been demonstrating some incredible numbers ever since it first launched. If we compare the bridge usage to July, we can see that the number of bridged assets increased tremendously from $3.8M+ to over $60M+. In addition, our website traffic is another point of pride for us, which grew from 2,5k to over 14k visits over the month. Lastly, Allbridge currently has over $160M in total value locked! This could not have been possible without the continuous support from the dear members of our community!

Let us briefly talk about the token utility as well. ABR will serve an important role and will be used for adding new blockchains and tokens to Allbridge. ABR stakers would benefit from the reduced bridge fees. To join the bridge, blockchain teams would be required to stake a certain amount of ABR, whilst those who are interested in seeing their tokens added to the bridge would have to stake AND pay additional maintenance fees. In the future, when validators will be introduced to the bridge, they will be responsible for verifying the transactions. To become a validator, one would have to also stake a certain amount of tokens.

Now, that the functions are all cleared up, we would like to talk about the event itself. The launch is set to take place at Boca Chica — a premier IDO platform on Solana. Their convenient platform allows for a frictionless and secure fundraising experience and we are beyond excited to have the expertise of their backing our upcoming launch.

To wrap it all up, we were extremely happy to share the news about the upcoming IDO with our community. Join us on September 21 via and get a chance to participate in the early sale of ABR. Check out the links to Boca Chica’s channels to stay up to date with the news regarding the upcoming launch!

About Boca Chica

Boca Chica is the premier IDO platform that leverages the power of Solana blockchain and its consensus algorithm to deliver unique, frictionless and safe fundraising avenue for retail as well as Capital Investors. Boca Chica exclusively takes under purview Solana-based projects and offers them immediate fundraising opportunities. Despite the galore of IDO platforms currently available, Boca Chica possesses stand-out qualities that sets it apart from one of them being tokenless structure.

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About Allbridge

Allbridge is modular and expanding token bridge with on-chain consensus. It’s a simple, modern, and reliable way to transfer assets between blockchain networks. Allbridge mission is to make the blockchain world borderless and provide a tool to freely move assets between different networks. In the future it will evolve into a DAO-style multi-chain hub, establishing connections between the EVM and non-EVM networks.

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Allbridge is a leading cross-chain provider, specializing in integrating EVM with non-EVM blockchains.