KRW Is Now Available At Avalanche And Celo

We are thrilled to announce further integrations to the KRW token, as we will be bridging it to Avalanche and Celo chains.

KRW is a token of our partners from KingDeFi — the first AI Multi-Chain Yield Aggregator. Following our recent integrations of Avalanche and Celo chains, we would like to extend their support to the KRW token. This will allow KingDeFi to launch more cross-network farms and attract new subjects to their Kingdom.

They have recently finalized their Solana farms with auditors and will be launching them soon. It is our great pleasure to assist them with the goal of creating multi-chain farms as their project deeply shares our values of creating global interoperability within the DeFi space.

Follow the liege by subscribing to KingDeFi’s news channels and bridge the KRW to Avalanche and Celo with Allbridge.

About KingDeFi

KingDeFi is the first AI Multi Chain Yield Aggregator. In addition, KingDeFi offers an advanced analytics dashboard to monitor TVL growth apply on-chain ratio analysis, identify newly listed projects and check historical performance.

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About Allbridge

Allbridge is modular and expanding token bridge with on-chain consensus. It’s a simple, modern, and reliable way to transfer assets between blockchain networks. Allbridge mission is to make the blockchain world borderless and provide a tool to freely move assets between different networks. In the future it will evolve into a DAO-style multi-chain hub, establishing connections between the EVM and non-EVM networks.

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Allbridge is a DAO-style multi-chain hub, connecting DeFi service providers from EVM and non-EVM networks alike.