How to get started with Solana blockchain?

What is Solana?

Which CEXes support Solana?

Solana wallets

Solana Bridges

Bridges features

Types of token transfer


How does it work?

  1. User — EOA (Externally Owned Account) / Wallet from which the token X is transferred from one chain to another.
  2. Blockchain A smart contract — a smart contract on the Source blockchain which receives transfer requests from the User.
  3. Blockchain B smart contract — a smart contract on the Destination blockchain, which accepts the input from the User.
  4. Validator — a server that is responsible for verifying Lock, Unlock, Mint, and Burn transactions on the bridge smart contracts.
  1. With the Send transaction, the User sends a request to the Blockchain A smart contract, where specifies the address of the wallet on the Blockchain B and the X tokens that must be sent to Blockchain B.
  2. Blockchain A smart contract locks the received tokens from the User and creates a request log.
  3. With the Receive transaction, the User asks Validator to check the request log.
  4. Validator checks if funds were actually locked in the Blockchain A smart contract.
  5. If they were, the Validator sends its signature to the User.
  6. If they were not, the Validator replies with the message “Transaction is not found”.
  7. User sends the signature to the Blockchain B smart contract.
  8. Blockchain B smart contract mints the requested amount of wX tokens and sends them to the User right away.

How to bridge to Solana with Allbridge?


How does it work?

How to bridge to Solana with Wormhole?


How does it work?



How to bridge to Solana with RenBridge?

Which bridge to choose?

  • The chain you want to bridge from. Is it present on the bridge?
  • The asset that you will receive after bridging: native or wrapped. If wrapped, where can you swap it to a native one?
  • The fee, that you will pay for the transfer. Is it rational for the amount that you send?
  • The time that transfer can take. Is it fast enough to take the opportunity that you were going to take before the bridging?
  • The transfer limit. Is it enough to bridge the number of assets you need to?



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