Extra Staking Incentivization: Week 5

Dec 20, 2021

A new week, a new buyback.

We are now in the Week 5 of extra staking incentivization. Throughout this week, 600 ABR will be added to the reward pool daily, split between all of the staking pools.

We proceed with the established structure of completing the fee conversion on Solana. Please visit the following link for details:

Transaction 1

In addition, here is the complete summary of how many ABRs were added to the pools to reward stakers:

  • Solana: 6,381.16
  • Avalanche: 2,164.13
  • BSC: 860.08
  • Polygon: 808.99
  • Celo: 356.07
  • Fantom: 220.72

Total: 10,791.15




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