Extra staking incentivization has begun!

We are excited to announce that today marked the beginning of the 10-week incentivization. Every day of this week a total of 1000 ABR will be issued to staking pools across all chains. The rewards will be accrued hourly.

Here comes the ABR

In addition, we converted all of the bridge fees into ABR rewards for stakers. APR has increased significantly as the result.

Here are all the transaction IDs for buying ABR back from the exchanges on Polygon and Solana.



Launching more staking pools

Another piece of good news is that nearly all the remaining networks (except for Ethereum) will get their staking pools and dynamic fee reduction this week, namely BSC, Avalanche, Celo, and HECO. This means more listing for the ABR token and more staking rewards across all networks.

This is going to be a very exciting week for the ABR holders, so watch out for more staking pool launches.

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