Celo Transfers are Live on Allbridge Core!

2 min readMay 28, 2024


We are thrilled to unveil our integration with Celo and add it as our 11th-supported blockchain!

Introducing Celo

Celo is scaling Ethereum with real-world solutions, leading a thriving new digital economy for all. Allbridge Core will facilitate access to the robust Celo ecosystem of 1,000+ projects in over 150 countries through native stablecoin transfers.

As part of our commitment to Wormhole, Celo swaps will utilize the Wormhole messaging layer by default, creating a more secure and decentralized multichain experience.

Expanding access to Celo with Valora Wallet

Another exciting component for the Celo ecosystem is that we will be a listed dApp on Celo-native wallet, Valora. This will enable seamless transfers, natively via smartphone.

Layer3 campaign

To celebrate the latest release, we are also launching a dedicated Layer3 campaign in partnership with the Celo Foundation. Users can explore Celo’s roster of stable assets by bridging Tether’s USDT from Arbitrum, Avalanche, Base, BNB Chain, Polygon, or OP Mainnet for points and CUBEs. Learn more about how you can participate here.

About Celo

Celo is an emerging Ethereum Layer-2 and mobile-first blockchain network built for the real world and designed for fast, low-cost payments worldwide. The Celo ecosystem consists of a decentralized, proof-of-stake blockchain technology stack (the Celo Platform), the CELO native token, USDC and USDT (both enabled as gas currencies), several Mento stable assets (cUSD, cEUR, cREAL, eXOF), and popular, blue chip infrastructure including Uniswap V3, Curve, Chainlink, and Rarible, among others. Launched on Earth Day in 2020, the open-source Celo mainnet supports a rich ecosystem of projects (1,000+) contributing to Celo’s global mission of prosperity for all. For more about Celo, visit https://celo.org/.

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About Wormhole

Wormhole is the leading interoperability platform that powers multichain applications and bridges at scale. Wormhole provides developers access to liquidity and users on over 30 of the leading blockchain networks, enabling use cases that span DeFi, NFTs, governance, and more.

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About Allbridge Core

Allbridge Core enables the transfer of value between blockchains by offering cross-chain swaps of native stablecoins. Being messaging protocol agnostic, Allbridge Core connects a variety of EVM and non-EVM networks.

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