Allbridge Staking FAQ

How does staking work?

You put ABR to the pool, you get xABR in return. xABR is a pool share token, it is initially 1:1 to ABR, but when rewards are added to the pool the number of ABR in the pool increases and xABR costs more ABR than before.

For example, you stake 100 ABR and receive 100 xABR, then 10 ABR are added to the pool, the pool is now 110 ABR (if you are the only staker). Then you unstake, 100 xABR are burned and you receive back 110 ABR.

When can I unstake ABR?

Anytime. Your xABR is burned and you receive your share of the ABR pool back.

Can I claim rewards without unstaking?

You cannot, to get your rewards you have to unstake ABR completely or partially.

How can I see my rewards?

You participate in the pool and all rewards are shared among the users. Also unlike the farming model the xABR token is transferable. All this prevents you from seeing your personalised rewards from using just the blockchain contract. However we’re planning to improve UX by showing estimates of your rewards in the following weeks.

Where can I stake ABR?

Right now only on Solana. There will be a staking pool on each of the blockchains supported by the bridge in the following months.

When rewards are added to the pool?

They are added daily.

What are the reward sizes?

There are two types of rewards: fee share and incentivisation. Fee share is 80% of all the fees received by the bridge and incentivisation is calculated daily and is 0.03% of the pool in ABR (which is 11.57% APR using compound interest formula).

Where does the ABR incentivisation come from?

We have 20% of supply reserved for incentivisation, it is more than enough to incentivise ABR staking pools on all the blockchains. And since this supply is limited, incentivisation of the pool will be time limited as well (not more than 2 years).

How does fee sharing work?

Once per month we convert all the fees accumulated on the bridge on the blockchain where the staking pool is located to USDC. Then we take 80% of this fee and buy ABR on the market. Then this ABR amount is added daily to the pool the following month. We repeat this each month.

Are there a lot of fees?

Not for now, currently the bridge operates on the lowest fees possible, but we will be increasing them soon for non-stakers. Currently incentivisation rewards are higher than the fee-based rewards, but the latter will be growing fast in the future.

Can xABR be used for anything?

First of all, xABR is a transferable representation of your share in the pool. Also with bridge contract update your xABR balance will be used to determine the fee you pay (non-stakers will pay the highest fee).

And in the future we plan to set up a DAO where your xABR tokens can be used for voting.

Can I bridge xABR to other blockchains?

No, while xABR is transferable between wallets on a single blockchain you cannot bridge it to other blockchains.



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