Allbridge Has Been Rebranded!

Happy New Branding

To send off 2021, we’ve prepared a special gift for our community. Allbridge will enter into the New Year with fresh new branding.

Why did Allbridge rebrand?

When the bridge launched back in July, functionality was our main focus. After the launch, a lot of new users joined our bridge, and it took us some time to learn more about them. The more we researched, the clearer we saw our User.

Our users are not simply DeFi enthusiasts, they are early adopters of new technologies, seekers of opportunities. They want to be the first ones to join a new chain, dApp or pool. We’ve decided that we would like to incorporate this idea in our branding to better reflect the values shared between the members of our team and our users.

How did we rebrand?

Branding was largely inspired by cyberpunk aesthetics. Characters in the world of cyberpunk have augmentations, pushing them beyond what’s reachable by a human body.

When moving liquidity between the blockchains, regular crypto users face such problems as low speed, high fees, KYC on CEXes, which prevents them from taking the opportunities that they want to. Allbridge offers the advantage of being the fastest, and more efficient tool, similar to how new body augments make one more flexible.

Who is our character?

Apart from the logo and style, we wanted to create a striking and memorable visual image that would distinguish us from other bridges, and make a statement with its appearance. This is where the Cyber Monk comes in.

As an experienced crypto user, he is here to show you the fastest and the most affordable way to get into the new high-yield pool, buy a new prospective token, and explore the new dApps and opportunities on any blockchain that you want to conquer.

Cyber Monk represents how Allbridge connects both living and artificial parts. Allbridge depends on the team, community, and partners, which in turn makes it alive and ever-improving. While our technical advantages over competitors are depicted by the monk’s robotic arm and eye.

What did we rebrand?


Adaptability and transformability play a key role in our logo’s redesign. The logo is a perfect blend between two letters of our name (Allbridge). “a” and “b” intertwine into a single logo. It represents how our bridge stands on the verge between technology and nature, uniting them together.




Celebratory giveaway

To celebrate the redesign and the new opportunities coming to Allbridge in 2022, we’ve decided to launch a small giveaway for our community. To take part, simply retweet our announcement with the quote, commenting on what you enjoy the most about Allbridge before January 30, 16:00 UTC. Our team will select 3 most unique and exciting tweets and award the authors with 300, 200, and 100 ABRs.



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