Allbridge Core has Integrated with Wormhole

2 min readSep 20, 2022

We are thrilled to announce our integration with Wormhole!

Wormhole messaging protocol

After the last week’s launch of Allbridge Core, we are happy to unveil our first official partner — Wormhole.

Their messaging protocol will become the default option for cross-chain swaps between all Wormhole-supported blockchains. At the moment, this includes Ethereum and BNB Chain, with Solana coming soon once the integration is finalized.

Benefits for Allbridge Core users

Leveraging the advantages of Wormhole’s protocol and its Guardian Network enables us to enhance security and bring an additional level of decentralization to cross-chain swaps powered by Allbridge Core.

What is next for Allbridge Core?

Stay tuned to our channels about the upcoming Solana release, and visit Allbridge Core to explore our latest integration with Wormhole.

We are excited to go on this journey to the xChain future together with Wormhole!

About Wormhole

Wormhole is a generic interoperability protocol, an ecosystem, and a platform for developers to grow the decentralized computing space. Wormhole consists of multiple modular swap-in components that can be leveraged independently and supports an increasing number of compostable applications built by numerous teams.

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About Allbridge Core

Allbridge Core enables native stablecoin swaps between EVM and non-EVM blockchains. At launch, users will be able to select between USDT, BUSD, and also USDC in the next update to swap them across Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Tron, with the Solana network coming soon.

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