A new week of extra incentivization is here! Every day throughout this week, we will split the additional 100 ABR between the staking pools.

We’ve also attached a block explorer link with fee conversion data:

Transaction 1

A total of 15,269.53 ABR were added to Allbridge staking pools (excluding the extra incentives). Below you may find the details for every individual chain:

  • Solana: 5,097.75
  • Aurora: 2,967.74
  • Terra: 2,945.82
  • Polygon: 1,611.33
  • BSC: 829.11
  • Avalanche: 770.34
  • Celo: 602.21
  • Fantom: 445.23
  • HECO: 79.19

Total: 15,269.53

We’re excited to collaborate with our partners at Rose to bring the first BUSD liquidity pool to the Aurora network.

This partnership allows us to expand access to stablecoin assets on Aurora.

Aurora provides Ethereum compatibility, NEAR Protocol scalability, and industry-first user experience through free transactions. …

We are entering into week 9 of the extra staking incentivization. Every day throughout this week, we will add 200 ABR and split them between all of the available staking pools.

Last week’s bridge fees have been converted into staking rewards on Solana. Here are the transaction details:

Transaction 1

Below you may find a total number of ABRs added to every individual staking pool (in addition to the extra incentives):

  • Solana: 4,338.94
  • Terra: 2,734.97
  • Aurora: 1,307.45
  • BSC: 694.07
  • Avalanche: 652.91
  • Polygon: 537.38
  • Fantom: 476.09
  • Celo: 190.44
  • HECO: 79.19

Total: 11,011.45

We are approaching the end of the extra incentivization program. Over the course of this week, 300 ABR will be split daily between all of our staking pools.

As usual, last week’s fees have been converted on Solana. More details can be found using the following Solscan links:

Transaction 1

Transaction 2

Lastly, here is how many ABRs were added to the individual staking pools:

  • Solana: 4,910.46
  • Terra: 2,440.36
  • BSC: 1,395.75
  • Avalanche: 1,309.55
  • Aurora: 1,270.98
  • Polygon: 801.86
  • Fantom: 313.84
  • Celo: 290.53

Total: 12,733.34


Allbridge is a DAO-style multi-chain hub, connecting DeFi service providers from EVM and non-EVM networks alike.

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